Time Dollar Exchange

Time Dollars for Classes at Birth Roots

Hour Exchange Portland provides an easy to use barter/volunteer system. You earn time dollars by providing a skill or service at one of hundreds of local businesses or for other network members. You can then spend those dollars within the same network for services (or Birth Roots classes) you’d like.

    • Time dollars can be earned through Birth Roots or the Hour Exchange Network. Visit http://www.hourexchangeportland.org/ for more information about their program.
    • Time Dollars can make up no more than 50% of a class fee. The remaining fee can be paid in cash, check, credit card or payment plan.
    • Volunteers must track and report hours through Hour Exchange Portland.
    • Time Dollar payment is expected at the time of registration (please view the Hour Exchange policy on negative time dollar account balances – they are allowed so you may use time dollars prior to earning them).