Do you have a child who will be 2.5-5 years old in the fall? This is the time to start thinking about pre-school!

We LOVE our Activity Station Partners for our toddler-friendly events, The Little Monsters Ball and The Little Gnomes Winter Garden. Each fall and winter, they come to our events and bring their magic to Birth Roots families and leave us all feeling inspired and re-committed to spending more time at toddler level and in toddler time.

Check out the Open House options and touring opportunities coming up over the next several weeks. Even if you aren’t sure if pre-school is for you or if this year will be the right timing, the open house events are a fun way to learn more about programs and spend the morning in a new, enriching environment.

Breakwater School – Informational meeting and tour April 5th and May 3rd

Children’s Nursery School – Open House play time on Friday, March 3rd and April 7th (more to come!)

Creative Explorations

Heartfelt School – ongoing Parent/Child Play Group for birth-3

North Yarmouth Academy Lower School Montessori Program

When visiting these programs, you will get a sense of how they will click not just with your child but your family. These are more than just early childhood programs, they are philosophies and communities! Enjoy investigating and let us know on Instagram or Facebook what is important to you in an early childhood program and what you discover when you visit these exceptional schools!

-Emily Murray, Founding Director and Hand in Hand Parenting Facilitator