Before I became a parent, I was a “if I’m not 5 minutes early, I’m late” kind of person. I never really minded if other people ran a little late, but it always stressed me out!

After becoming a parent, it was a really difficult transition for me when my exit from the house depended fully on another human being. It was challenging for me to accept that being on time for everything just wasn’t possible anymore. Derailed by a blow-out poop or a surprise feeding, or running back into the house for the fifth thing I forgot, would eat up 15 minutes in a blink!

I had to make a choice. I could either make myself crazy trying to maintain my pre-baby standards or adapt and live a happier existence. So, plan B began to form and my love for these three little letters bloomed. ISH could be tacked on the end of any time, and POOF, the stress of the clock just eased.  Like changing from real pants into yoga pants, my whole world got a little comfier.

So, as you begin to make this transition, whenever possible, add a little ish to your appointments and an extra deep breath whenever you can. And if you sign up for a Blossoming Newborns class, we’ll see you at 10:30-ish. You’ve got this.


Emily Murray
Birth Roots Founding Director