…the one for when they take your breath away.

We spend a lot of time focusing on the hard parts, learning tips and tricks to make it through the day, squeezing just a little more efficiency out of our routines and then it happens, dragging ourselves and our kids to the next thing we need to do. And then something magic happens. Time stops for just a moment and you gasp and will time to wait just a moment longer.

You get a moment that melts the world away. All the frustrations from before just dissolve in the glow as you delight in their being.

A parent-fantasy actually came true. You know, the fantasy image your brain went to as you were thinking about becoming a parent or waiting for your baby to arrive. It probably didn’t include sleep loss, poop, hair that should have been trimmed 6 months ago, the carefully chosen and prepared food that gets tossed to the floor…  Nope. Just the good stuff. Just the magic.


I’ve had many but this one really knocked me to my knees. And I had a camera handy to capture it. You see, I’m a collector (not a hoarder because my stash is curated.  CURATED, people.). I have a thing for old buttons. And for rainbows. And for nesting things. They all came together in this one glorious moment when my toddler was sorting buttons into nesting bowls. The angels sang. A tear may have escaped my eye. And I held my breath and begged the moment to last. My pre-parent self definitely dreamed of this very moment.

Sometimes this parenting thing delivers the dreamy moments just as we’d hoped and revives us with a big dose of oxygen to keep us going through the not-so-dreamy moments.

What parent-fantasy moment came true for you?