Because of donors like you and the dedicated work of Birth Roots’ staff and volunteers – local families are able to identify, locate and access a true diversity of services for creating a healthier, more connected experience of pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting. Our mission of Community Supported Parenting is vitalEverything that follows, stems from these roots.

Birth Roots advocates for those needs of perinatal families that continue to go unrecognized or unmet.  We are a small nonprofit with a large goal – to create new systems that elevate the positive outcomes of early parenting and challenge the systemic barriers that currently fail new parents. We do this by building community and giving all parents a space to share their stories and by generating programming that is specifically designed for the youngest among us. 

Let’s create more oxytocin in an adrenaline-filled world. Let’s do this together. Your donations large or small to the nonprofits that you care about make this community all that it is. Thank you.