One thing you should know about Birth Roots is that we LISTEN and we are always looking for ways to improve what we offer and to find ways to better support parents. Birth Roots has been expanding our programming over the past couple of years based on the two most vocal requests. Siblings and Toddlers. Leah’s Second+ Timers Blossoming Newborns class is now offered every other month and Emily’s Hand in Hand Parenting Classes are offered monthly with plans for more options.

Whether your family is growing from one to two children or you have a 1 to 2+ year old toddler (or BOTH!), these two resources offer a little FREEBIE to help you on your way.

TODDLERS! This is a collection of resources for helping you make the leap from parenting an infant to parenting a toddler. It’s a whole new world!  You will be asked for an email that will add you to the Hand in Hand Parenting email list. You can opt out at any time if that’s not your thing but their monthly newsletter, free calls, information about local classes and discounts on their classes are wonderful.

SIBLINGS! Adding a second child to the mix isn’t as simple as managing the care and feeding of one more person, its figuring out entirely new family dynamics. These resources will offer some new perspectives and ideas for helping siblings get along and for not blowing your top, or hiding under a blanket. This article has a great resource list at the end, too.

Visit our registration page to find out about upcoming classes.