One of the things we hear frequently from parents and parents-to-be is how difficult it is to be in a place of not knowing. And not one of us really knows what we’re doing all the time. Becoming a parent and parenting can be uncomfortable, exhilarating, scary, exciting or all of the above! Birth Roots makes space for new parents to feel and explore these feelings while building a new knowledge and skill base for parenting in their own, unique way.

This not knowing can start when your brain flips the switch into parent mode, when you see the two lines, when you begin to welcome the idea of pregnancy and wait for it to happen, or when you discover a surprise pregnancy.

Many of us still have a lonely wait in the uncertain, early weeks of pregnancy as its still common to wait for 12 weeks, or hearing the heartbeat, or an early ultrasound before announcing this huge news.

This is where Welcoming Pregnancy is your soft place to land.  Figure out when and how to
share your news with family and friends and get your bearings in this free monthly class.

Unknowns can add to the physical heaviness of late pregnancy when all of your plans have the “unless I’m in labor” contingency.

It can manifest as fear as you wonder what labor and birth will be like. The lack of control over what and how birth unfolds can be unnerving.

A person can easily feel overwhelmed just with the excitement wanting to meet their baby.

The Birth Classes like Birthing From Within know just what to do with those fears and
excitements. You’ll find that you aren’t the only one, develop new skills for using those fears productively
and bringing your mind back to the present moment.  

And then you are on the other side! You made it through pregnancy unknowns and birth unknowns and now enter the parenting unknowns.

What does this cry mean, is this poop normal, am I crying too much, not enough, is this normal, is that normal, will I ever sleep again…

In Blossoming Newborns you will feel held and guided through all of these unknowns as you
get to know this new little person and this new version of yourself.

And each time we weather this not knowing, we build our confidence, strengthen our problem-solving skills, discover more internal and external resources, heal doubts, and deepen relationships. Register for Birth Roots classes that will help you find the path that is right for you and your family.

-Emily Murray
Founding Director