Birth Roots Events – On Pause as of Summer 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please find information on past events below.


Birth Roots hosts and participates in many events throughout the year.  Because the early years of parenting are often a huge shift in identity, we work to provide activities that support your family’s social growth and development.  We are especially enamored with fueling the development of new traditions or new ways of experiencing old traditions.  The best way to stay in the loop about fun activities, impromptu flock gatherings and cool events is to friend us on Facebook or check back to this page for event updates!


Home for the Holidays….with a Toddler

A free event to get some fresh approaches and ideas for working with the big feelings that come with toddler life…especially around the holidays.

Little Monsters Ball – A Sweet Fall Festival – a late October event

In 2020, the Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine, Birth Roots, and Maine Audubon at Gilsland Farm joined hands to offer families with young children an opportunity to enjoy simple, nature-themed, Halloween fun at an outdoors, toddler-oriented costume frolic. We cannot wait to offer this opportunity to our community in coming years!

Photo Booth Candid shot being made
First Flock Birthday Party

Family Photo Booth Fundraiser – an early June event

The family landscape changes so dramatically throughout the early years of parenting.  While we take a million photos in the first few years there is something special about the professional photo booth. Birth Roots is proud to partner with emilie inc. photography to capture the magic of the moment by participating in the sweet and silly fundraiser for Birth Roots. 

Birth Roots Baby Booty Resale Fundraiser


Our one-of-its-kind Baby and Maternity indoor resale fundraiser is currently “on pause” during COVID.  Thank you to all those who supported us during our COVID Online Booty Sale in 2020!

Pollinator Parade – A Collaboration with Maine Audubon at Deering Oaks Park – a Summer/Fall event

The Pollinator Parade seeks to bring attention to the critically low numbers of Monarch butterfly and the plight of many pollinator species. Educational activities will emphasize the steps we can take to help rescue the disappearing monarch. The event will conclude with a community picnic in the heart of Portland at Deering Oaks Park. Brought to you by Birth Roots in partnership with the Maine Audubon Society!

Little Gnomes’ Winter Garden – an early March event

Little Gnomes' Winter Garden

Designed for the youngest among us and their parents and grandparents. Our baby-oriented Little Gnomes Winter Garden party is inspired by Reggio, RIE and Montessori-style learning. It is Birth Roots’ creative endeavor to bring more fun and attention to early parenting. he intention is to create an event that specifically & successfully supports and acknowledges the unique developmental window of the youngest among us, crawling and newly toddling babies, and newly established parents.