Thank you for your donation!

Thank you so much for joining us in this impactful and important work with your donation.  Class and event revenue make up only a portion of our annual operating budget.  The rest comes from community investors like you!  Thank you.

Birth Roots has some big changes and growth plans for 2019 and we need your help to make it happen.  

1. Since November 2017, we have been searching for a new home for Birth Roots that is easier and safer for families to access
    – WE FOUND A NEW HOME and can’t wait to tell you more!

2. As is true for many small nonprofits, we have s tiny staff that fills so many roles.  While we’re proud of our scrappy, creative processes and results, Birth Roots has grown to the point where it needs more.  Shoring up the structure of the organization is critical to healthy growth.  
   –  In 2019 we plan to finally begin the process of hiring an interim Executive Director to bring Birth Roots to level up and formalize our operations.     

3. Our programming has always been an evolution that is fueled by the needs and requests of the community but has also been limited by the available time of our small staff.  We have SO many areas where we want grow and develop and strengthen the support network for new families. 
   – In 2018 we experimented with some pop-up partnerships with other organizations and are ready to move forward with more formal versions of these great community collaborations.  We have new facilitators and strong connections to bring these programs out to families. The support families have come to expect from Early Pregnancy to Early Parenting is about to get a lot more robust! 


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Hydrate: A one-time donation

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Our Wish List


  • Graphic Design support
  • Gardener
  • Marketing Consultations
  • Handyperson services


  • Donations of tea
  • Gift cards to grocery stores for class snacks
  • 2 Ipads
  • Apple IMac computer