About Birth Roots



Fatherhood bear and his daughterBirth Roots provides a community space where new families come together to build connections, share diverse ideas, and strengthen their parenting muscles so that we move together toward a thriving, family-centered society.


We envision a world where all community members invest in new families throughout pregnancy, birth, and their early years of parenting.  Every community member understands that such support is a critical investment in the long term health and well-being of both individuals and the entire community.

Guiding Principles

  • We balance inclusivity with authenticity.
  • We value introspection-based work over prescriptive methods.
  • We encourage continued engagement and involvement in the promotion of our vision and mission.


The Birth Roots model is non-clinical, community based education and support throughout pregnancy and the early years of parenting. Our programs and events build community, encourage instincts and intuition, address social, emotional and non-clinical needs and promote our philosophy of “Community Supported Parenting”. Birth Roots is a 501(c3) non-profit organization devoted to removing obstacles to perinatal health by offering continuous support through pregnancy and postpartum in a community setting.


The work of Birth Roots is grounded in the philosophy that the way people are treated at birth (as a mother, as a newborn child and as a family unit) has lasting affects far beyond that one day. Parents who feel respected and self-determined in giving birth tend to view themselves as equipped to provide nurturing care as a parent. Partners who are given tools, modeling and the opportunity for participating in the process of birth tend to be more engaged in their child’s development. Children born in an environment of confidence, awareness and intimacy tend to be more resilient and able to thrive.