Leah and I do frequent check ins about life – home, work, community, global…  When comparing notes recently, we were both noticing more stress and fear leaking into our home space and our children were reacting in not so pleasant ways.

With young children, we still have some control over the home bubble so we came up with a few ideas to strengthen our fear and stress filtration systems so we can leave the yuck out and be ready to feel warm and connected at home.

  1. Regular Listening Partnership time.
    This is a tool from the Hand in Hand Parenting approach that we use in our parenting classes at Birth Roots. It is a regular opportunity for adults to dump out all of the emotions that come up for us around life, relationships, work and parenting.  Many parents set up a regular weekly Listening Partnership – in person is best but even a phone meeting works wonders!  Its like an emotional shower to rinse off all the gunk we collect! Check out the Listening Partnership Group offered at Birth Roots or this link for more information about this practice.
  2. Stop and Breathe.
    Before you leave your car or open your door take 5-10 deep breaths and reset your mind and body to home time. As much as you can, leave the stresses of the world outside and enter your home with the intention of creating a safe and connected family space.
  3. Be an oxytocin machine.
    As many of you remember from Birth Class with Leah, oxytocin and adrenaline are like two sides of a teeter-totter. When one is up, the other is down.  So the more oxytocin generating things you can bring into your home, the more you naturally crowd out adrenaline.  Just like some houseplants naturally clean your air, bringing in things that please the senses naturally filters adrenaline.  Examples include enjoying foods together, making food or art together, calling friends, writing letters, delivering surprises to neighbors or family, getting out into nature…  This play dough recipe is a tried and true favorite from our friends at the Children’s Nursery School (you may remember them from their activity stations at the Little Monsters Ball and Little Gnomes Winter Garden). You can add in a few drops of an essential oil for interesting smells and you can bring treasures home from a nature walk to squish into it!  Sea shells and pine cones are a favorite at our house.  In fact, those of you who joined us at the Little Gnomes Winter Garden received a little nature play dough starter kit from Breakwater School in your Swag Bag! This practice is sure to reset even the bumpiest of landings home!

    Have you noticed a leaky home filter, too? How did you notice and has anything helped you rebuild your filter?  Tell us about on Facebook or join one of our classes to find in-person support. 

-Emily Murray, Founding Director, Hand in Hand Instructor